Best of All Japan Budoken Hall Main Events-C
Champion Carnival 1995 volume 1-C
Champion Carnival 1995 volume 2-C
Champion Carnival 1995 volume 3-C
Champion Carnival 1997-C
Champion Carnival 1998-C
4/18/92 20th Anniversary Show-C
Real World Tag League 1977-79-C
Real World Tag League 1980-82-C
Real World Tag League 1983-85-C
Real World Tag League 1986-88-C
Real World Tag League 1997-C (UPGRADED to 1st Generation Dub!)
Real World Tag League 1998-C
Memorial Fight Collection-The best of Mitsuharu Misawa as Tiger Mask
All Japan Samurai TV March-April '97
All Japan Samurai TV May '97
All Japan 9/3/94
All Japan Summer Action Series 1997 Part 2-C
All Japan Summer Action Series 1998-C
All Japan Super Power Series 1997-C
All Japan Super Power Series 1998-C
All Japan Super Power Series 1999-C (1st Generation Dub!)
All Japan Giant Series 10/97-C
*All Japan Giant Series 99-C
All Japan 1/24/95 "World Tag Game 95"-C
All Japan 1/19/95-C
All Japan 5/1/98 Tokyo Dome-C
All Japan 5/2/99 Tokyo Dome "Giant Baba Memorial Show"-C
All Japan Best of 1997-C (1st Generation Dub!)
All Japan Classics 1
All Japan Classics 2
All Japan Classics 3
All Japan Classics 30
All Japan Classics 32
All Japan Classics 34
All Japan Classics 35
All Japan Classics 65
All Japan Classics 66
All Japan Memorial Fight Collection: Jumbo Tsuruta 10 Monster Matches volume 1-C
All Japan Best of 1997 (1st Generation Dub!)