Bloodfeast: Battles in Blood!
VQ: VG TIME: 1:30

Robert Fuller & Tennessee Stud vs. Newguinea Headhunters (Cage Match from Continental Championship Wrestling)
The Sheik vs. Seaman Art Thomas (Detroit 1964)
Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin vs. Siva Afi & Lars Anderson (from Hawaii)
Steve Armstrong & The Bullet vs. Newguinea Headhunters (Singapore Suicide Match from Continental Championship Wrestling)
Carlos Colon vs. Stan Hansen (from Puerto Rico)
Abdullah the Butcher vs. Bruiser Brody (Cage Match from World Class Championship Wrestling)
Japanese Women's Match featuring a very young Bull Nakano
Rocky & Ricky Johnson vs. Kevin Sullivan & Mahka Singh (Iron Spike Match)
Johnathon Boyd interview-Jeff Jarrett comes in
Kevin Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes (First Blood Match)
Adrian Street vs. Rip Rogers (Texas Death Match)
The Invader vs. Chiki Starr (Scaffold Match from Puerto Rico)
DIck the Bruiser vs. John Valiant
Ted Dibiase vs. Michael Hayes (Coal Miners Glove Match from UWF)
Ricky Santana vs. Abbudah Dean (Strap Match from Portland)
Muhammed Ali (with Fred Blassie) vs. Buddy Wolfe (with Dick the Bruiser) (Boxer vs. Wrestler with Verne Gagne as referee)
Bruiser Brody, Jeff McGruder, & Keith Hart vs. The Sheik, Kamalamala, & Mark Lewin (6 Man Barbed Wire Match from Puerto Rico)