This is the 8/7/99 BWF show from Las Vegas, NV shot from front row ringside. The ring announcer is none other than the former 5 time AWA Champion and living legend Nick Bockwinkel. Public Enemy no-showed and screwed the entire original show up. The original show was supposed to be:

Johnny Grunge vs. Superstar Mike Lane for the BWF championship
Rocco Rock vs. Flash Funk
Damien Dollaz vs. Johnny "Psycho" Paine
Rush vs. GI Joe

However, since Public Enemy no showed, the card changed to:

GI Joe vs. Damien Dollaz
Johnny "Psycho" Paine vs. Flash Funk
Superstar Mike Lane vs. Rush

Buffalo Wrestling Federation 8/7/99 Las Vegas, NV at the Silver Nugget
VQ: EX TIME: 2:00

The Missionary vs. Sho-Nuff Badd (with Dark Gable)-A mormon vs. a pimp! Both are extremely well over with great gimmicks!
The Coroner vs. Le Grande Matador & Denice the Menace
Damien Dollaz (with Nikata Krusiff) vs. GI Joe (with Hop Kido)
Power Twins vs. Power Company (BWF Tag Team Title)-Originally supposed to be for #1 Contention to the Tag Team Title, but Public Enemy, by not showing up, was stripped of their titles-Power Company are from WCW's Power Plant
Flash Funk vs. Johnny "Psycho" Paine (BWF Entertainment Title)-Great Brawl all around the arena!
Superstar Mike Lane (with M. Tyson, Josh, The Little $how, & The Heartbreaker) vs. Rush (BWF Heavyweight Title)-Superstar Mike Lane has been around for 17 years, but has never made it big, he trains guys at the BWF wrestling school. Josh is the real life brother of Yokozuna. Rush looks almost exactly like Kevin Nash, and M. Tyson is Mike Tyson's real life brother!