* next to a tape indicates that it is a master recording

Commercial Tapes
Hostile City Showdown 94
Hostile City Showdown 95
Hostile City Showdown 96
Big Ass Extreme Bash
Double Tables
Natural Born Killaz
Three Way Dance
Gangsta's Paradise
November to Remember 95 (UPGRADED COPY)
November to Remember 96
Hardcore Heaven 94
Hardcore Heaven 95
Hardcore Heaven 96
Heatwave 94
Heatwave 95
Heatwave 96
Extreme Warfare vol 1
Extreme Warfare vol 2
Crossing the Line Again
Doctor Is In
Barbed Wire, Chokeslams, & Hoodies
House Party 96
House Party 98
House Party 99
Night The Line Was Crossed
Holiday Hell 95
Cyberslam 96
Cyberslam 97
Cyberslam 98
Cyberslam 99
Just Another Night in ECW
Massacre On Queens Blvd
Super Summer Sizzler
Ultra Clash 93
Return Of The Funker (UPGRADED COPY)
Buffalo Invasion
Wrestlepalooza 97
Enter The Sandman
Big Apple Blizzard Blast (UPGRADED COPY)
Guerrero/Malenko Classic
Bloodiest Matches
Matter of Respect
Matter of Respect 98
Born To Be Wired
Funk's Wrestlefest
When World's Collide
As Good as it Gets (UPGRADED COPY)
Wildest Matches
Tag Wars 94
It Ain't Seinfeld
Crossing the Line 99

Pay Per View Events
*Barely Legal
*Hardcore Heaven 97
*November to Remember 97
*Living Dangerously
*Wrestlepalooza 98
*Heatwave 98
*November to Remember 98
*Guilty As Charged
*Living Dangerously 99
*Heatwave 99
*Hardcore Heaven 99
*Anarchy Rulz
*November to Remember 99
*Guilty As Charged 2000
*Living Dangerously 2000
*Hardcore Heaven 2000
*Heatwave 2000
*Anarchy Rulz 2000
*November to Remember 2000
*Massacre on 34th Street