* next to a tape indicates that it is a master recording

TWA Autumn Armagedon 2-C
TWA Summer Sizzler 8/3/91-HH
PWA Bash at Barron
PWA Slaughterhouse 5
IWA Hardcore Canada
NWA All Star Wrestling 3/9/96
MEWF 6/1/97
New Jack City Wrestling 3/16/97-HH
ECWA Super 8 Tournament
UWA Vancouver All-Star Wrestling
CWA Bodyguards vs. Bandits-P
Al Snow's Bodyslammers Gym 4/2/94
KSWF 6/16/98
Jersey All Pro 3/22/98
PCW & Steel City Wrestling
NWF Scar Wars-C
Brian Pillman Memorial Show
Windy City Pro Wresling TV February 98
Southern City Wrestling TV 1998-11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25
Western States Wrestling Association 4/28/96 (with Louie Spicolli & other CA indy workers)
Break the Barrier
*XPW Hardcore Conception
XPW Hardcore Conception NC-17 version