Over the Edge 99-This is the show in which Owen Hart falls to his untimely death. A very sad and chilling tape
VQ: EX (Master Tape) TIME: 2:30

X-Pac & Kane vs. D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry (Tag Team Title)
Hardcore Holly interview
Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly (Hardcore Title)
Pat Patterson & Jerry Brisco interview
Blue Blazer interview
Godfather vs. Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) (Intercontinental Title)-Jim Ross announces that Owen Hart was going to make a grand enterance from the top of the ceiling and implies that Owen fell from the ceiling. The match does not happen and they do not show Owen or the medics working on him. Instead, they show the crowd, who is totally silent and awe-stricken.
Jeff Jarrett & Debra interview
Val Venis & Nicole Bass vs. Jeff Jarrett & Debra
Road Dogg interview
Badd Ass Billy Gunn interview
Road Dogg vs. Badd Ass Billy Gunn
Shane McMahon interview
Mankind, The Big Show, Ken Shamrock, & Test vs. Acolytes, Big Boss Man, & Viscera (Elimination Match)
Jim Ross announces the death of Owen Hart
The Rock vs. Hunter-Hearst Helmsley
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker (WWF Title-Shane McMahon is special referee)