Fully Loaded 99
VQ: EX (master tape!) TIME: 2:50

Undertaker jumps Stone Cold Steve Austin on Heat
Vince McMahon interview
photos of Edge winning the Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett
Edge vs. Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Title)
The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes vs. Acolytes (Handicap Match Tag Team Title Acolyte Rules)
Mideon vs. D-Lo Brown (European Title)
Al Snow interview
Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man (Hardcore Title)
recap of Big Show/Kane/Undertaker feud
Hardcore Holly interview
The Big Show vs. Kane (Hardcore Holly is referee)
recap of Ken Shamrock/Steve Blackman feud
Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman (Iron Circle Match)
Undertaker interview
Billy Gunn & Chyna interview
Road Dogg & X-Pac vs. Bad Ass Billy Gunn & Chyna (winner receives the rights to the D-X name)
recap of Rock/Triple H feud
Rock interview
The Rock vs. Triple H (Fully Loaded Strap Match)
recap of Steve Austin/Undertaker feud
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker (WWF Title First Blood End of an Era Match)