**These tapes feature a variety of japanese & american wrestlers, alot of rare stuff is here, too much to even try and summarize. All of these are highly recommended**

Wrestling 66-Japan early 80's
Wrestling 73-Japan TV from 1988, 1989, & 1991
Wrestling 95-Misc. matches from Japan 3 hr 30 min
Wrestling 101-Japan 1983, lots of great ones on this! Flair vs. Steamboat in Japan!
Wrestling 112-New Japan TV shows from early 1984
Wrestling 129-All Japan/New Japan TV 1983 with great quality for its age
Wrestling 130-Japan matches from the 70's. Lots of rare stuff on this, like Kamala with hair, no face paint, and shoes! 4 hours
Wrestling 140-Japan stuff 80's (great tape)