Now you can own your very own Japanese Tape, yes cover and all, Straight from Japan! Imagine the looks of amazement on your friends faces when you pull out a Japanese tape, labeled in Japanese, with a Japanese cover! All I can tell you is that the look is pure amazement and awe! You become like a God to them for the time! I can only speak from personal experience on that one. The tapes are $40 each, and considering that the tapes would cost you anywhere from $60-$100 each in Japan, that is a very good deal. Not only do you get the tape with awesome quality, but you also get the cover! Rob Feinstein can't do it, 95%-99.9% of the tape traders out there can't do it, you won't find any of these at your local Wal Mart, you'll be hard pressed to find anything like this at your local wrestling show at the merchandise table, and I'll be damned if you find these at a garage sale! Send An E-mail if you have any questions about availability of or anything else related to these rare Japanese tapes. Supplies are very very limited so act quick! They are all first come, first serve!

New Japan
New Japan "Battle Zone Space II" 11/23/92
New Japan 1/4/94 Tokyo Dome Show Part 2
New Japan Wrestling Dontaku 1993 Part 2
New Japan Wrestling Dontaku 1994 Part 2
New Japan 1/4/93 Tokyo Dome Show Part 1
New Japan 1/4/93 Tokyo Dome Show Part 2
Tiger Mask 1st Dimension
Tiger Mask 2nd Dimension
Tiger Mask 4th Dimension
NWO vs. New Japan
Great Muta Premium Issue
New Japan 9/23/97
New Japan Best of Super Jr. V part 1
New Japan Best of Super Jr. V part 2
New Japan Special Dream Match (Jushin Liger vs. Tatsumi Fujinami)
New Japan Hyper Battle 93 3/23/93
New Japan G1 Climax 94 Part 2

KRS Pride 1 10/11/97
KRS Pride 2 3/13/98
KRS Pride 3 6/24/98

WKA (Inoki's Karate Promotion)
WKA 10th Anniversary show 10/12/97 (2 Tiger Masks vs. 2 different Tiger Masks, and Black Tiger is the referee!)
WKA Lives of Tiger Mask-Legend of the Strongest Mask Man

RINGS 11/16/95 "Mega Battle Tournament"
RINGS Battle Genesis volume 3 3/3/98

UWF Midsummer Creation 8/13/89
UWF Fighting Art 10/25/89
UWF Force 9/30/89
UWF Fighting Square Hakata Live vol. 2 7/24/89
UWF FIghting Square Nagoya Live vol. 2 6/14/89
UWF May History 5/21/89
UWF Core 4/14/89 1st Anniversary Show

UWFI Pro Wrestling Tournament 94
UWFI 11/30/94 Gary Albright/Nobuhiko Takada commercial tape

K1 Survival 99
K1 Star Wars 96
K1 Grand Prix 97
K1 Japan 97
K1 Rising Sun 99
K1 Grand Prix 98
K1 Revenge 96
K1 Kings 98 4/9/98 Yokohama Arena
K1 Fight Night 98 6/6/98
K1 Braves 5/24/98
Mike Bernardo "K1 Superfighter"

Battlearts B-Files 1 5/27/98 Korakuen & Young Generation Battle 6/98
Battlearts "Battle Fiction" 11/23/98

Carnival Arsion 98
U Japan Shootfighting 11/96 (Kimo vs. Bam Bam Bigelow)
CMLL Lucha Fiesta 98
CMLL Lucha Revolution 1999 Part 1
CMLL Lucha Revolution 1999 Part 2