My supplier who gets me my master Japan TV can also get me multiple tapes so I can supply you people with master Japan TV too! All tapes listed below are $7 each, plus $3 for priority S & H. More tapes will be added in the future, but hurry because there is a very limited number of these tapes. Only about 3 or 4 of them. To place your order just click here. However, be forewarned that I cannot accept anything other than cash for the current time being due to the fact that I, not only do not have a bank account, but I also do not have any form of Identification.

**all tapes are recorded in SP mode, labeled in Japanese, and as EX VQ as you will ever find.**

(All are 1998)

NJ 9/5 & 9/12

NJ 9/19 & 9/26

NJ 10/31 & 11/7

NJ 11/14 & 11/21

NJ 11/28 & 12/5

NJ 12/12 & 12/19

AJ 9/13 thru 10/4

AJ 10/11 thru 11/1

AJ 11/8 thru 11/28

AJ 12/6 thru 12/20