Lucha Looneys 4
VQ: EX TIME: 2:00

Oct 29, 1997 Azteca Tornado Match and resulting riot
After the riot, there is a slo mo version that will blow your mind
clips from Vampiro's wedding
clips from Terry Funk BBQ (someone says "no video please")
El Hijo del Bjorn & Nay Bah Hoodz vs Incredibly Strange Bros (Dildo Death Match from Incredibly Strange Wrestling with Johnny Legend)
Rey Misterio Sr and Rey Misterio Jr vs Santo and Misterioso (May 1997)
Harley Race warns Bob Barnett about copying tapes
Bruiser Brody tells Paul E "He has women's lips"
Bert Prentice & the Colorado Kid do several commercials
Vince McMahon interview-he rips Razor Ramon & USWA, total heel!