11/23/96 Revere, MA-This is the house show that featured that infamous Mass Transit incident where New Jack sliced a 17 year old kid's head open with an exacto knife, very gruesome! Watch the blood flow literally like water out of a bathtub. This show was not released by ECW or RF Video, and I have a 2nd generation dub from the master tape! There are alot of bad quality versions of this show out there, and I have one of the few pure EX copies available
VQ: EX TIME: 1:45

Taz & Bill Alfonso interview
GQ Gorgeous vs Road Kill
Stevie Richards vs Chris Candido
Brian Lee vs Louie Spicolli
Rob Van Dam vs Pitbull #2
The Gangstas vs Mass Transit & D-Von Dudley
Eliminators vs Buh Buh Ray & Spike Dudley
Tommy Dreamer vs Shane Douglas
Sandman vs Raven (ECW Championship-Dog Collar Chain Match)