Stampede Wrestling-Harts on Fire
VQ: EX TIME: 2:00

Keith Hart vs. Hubert Gallant
Bruce Hart & Dick Steinborn interview
Bruce Hart vs. Dick Steinborn
Bruce Hart vs. Dynamite Kid (bloody!)
Bret Hart vs. Leo Burke
Bret Hart vs. Bad News Allen (Ladder match)
Owen Hart vs. Makhan Singh
Owen Hart vs. "Lethal" Larry Cameron
clip of Bret Hart vs. Archie Gouldie with Stu coming in to brawl with Gouldie's manager J.R. Foley
Bret Hart, Stu Hart, Archie Gouldie, & J.R. Foley interview
Bret Hart & Stu Hart vs. Archie Gouldie & J.R. Foley
Bret Hart, Bruce Hart, & Keith Hart vs. Hubert Gallant, Duke Myers, & Dynamite Kid