(C)-Commercial Tape (TV)-Off Of TV

* next to a tape indicates that it is a master tape

MSG 12/17/79 Hulk's MSG debut-TV
WWF/SWS Wrestling Summit 4/13/90-TV
WWF/SWS Wrestlefest 3/31/91-C
WWF/SWS Wrestle Dream 4/1/91-C
WWF/SWS Super Wrestle-C
*Wrestlemania XI The Special-TV
Wrestlemania Strategies & Secrets-C
Rock N' Wrestling cartoon-C
*VCR Wrestlemania Game-C
1987 Slammy Awards-TV (1st Generation dub!)
1996 Slammy Awards-TV
1997 Slammy Awards-TV
*Sunday Night Slam 8/21/94-TV
*Sunday Night Slam 11/20/94-TV
*Sunday Night Slam 3/24/95-TV
Survivor Series Showdown (1990)-TV
Superstars & Stripes Forever (WM 7)-TV
*Summerslam Spectacular (1991)-TV
*March To Wrestlemania IX-TV
March To Wrestlemania X-TV
*WWF Championship-The Dream, The Reign, The Conquest-TV
*WWF Summer Flashback-TV
*WWF Survivor Series Flashback-TV
Suplex-Music Video Comp.

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