Wrestling 226-NWA/WCCW Legends TV 1/90-2/90
VQ: VG-EX (1st generation dub!) TIME: 4:10

Legends of World Class Championship Wrestling
Kerry Von Erich vs. Iceman King Parsons
Black Bart vs. Bob Bradley
John Tatum & Jack Victory vs. Simpson Brothers
Michael Hayes vs. Iceman King Parsons
Michael Hayes vs. Buddy Roberts
Terry Gordy interview
Terry Taylor vs. Chris Adams
Chris Adams interview
Kerry Von Erich vs. Iceman King Parsons (World Class Title)

Legends of World Class Championship Wrestling
Missing Link vs. Vince Apollo
Iceman King Parsons Music Video
Texas Round-up battle royal (same rules as the Royal Rumble)
Black Bart vs. Jim Richardson
Iceman King Parsons interview
Kerry Von Erich vs. iceman King Parsons (World Class Title-Black Out Angle)
Kerry Von Erich interview
Wild Bill Irwin & Chris Adams vs. Terry Taylor & The Real Thing

NWA World Championship Wrestling on TBS 2/17/90 (Complete show!)
Doug Furnas vs. Jacko Victory
"Flyin" Brian Pillman interview-Ric Flair & Woman comes in
Recap of the Horsemen kicking Sting out from Clash X
Sting interview from the hospital
Cactus Jack attacks Mike Rotunda (from NWA Pro Wrestling)
Kevin Sullivan & Cactus Jack Manson vs. scrubs
Steiner Brothers vs. scrubs
Steiner Brothers interview-Ole & Arn Anderson come in
Ole & Arn Anderson beat up the Steiner Bros.
Doom vs. scrubs
Mean Mark & Teddy Long interview
clip of Dan Spivey beating the Road Warriors with a chair
Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich vs. Fabulous Freebirds (from NWA Worldwide)
Fabulous Freebirds interview
Rip Morgan vs. Norman
Jim Cornette's Louisville Slugger with Lex Luger-The Horsemen come in
Road Warriors & Paul Ellering interview
Midnight Express vs. Rock N Roll Express (from NWA Worldwide)
Arn Anderson vs. Shane Douglas (TV Title)
Ric Flair vs. "Flyin" Brian Pillman
Horsemen interview-Lex Luger comes in & beats up the Horsemen

Legends of World Class Championship Wrestling
Bob Bradley vs. Sweet Brown Sugar
Skandar Akbar interview
Eric Embry challenges Steve Casey
Eric Embry vs. Steve Casey
Steve Casey vs. Vince Apollo-Eric Embry attacks Casey
Terry Gordy & Shawn Casey interview
Samu vs. Mike Morrow
Kerry Von Erich interview
Missing Link "Bang Your Head" music video
Iceman King Parsons & Buddy Roberts interview
Terry Taylor & Kevin Von Erich interview
Terry Taylor & Iceman King Parsons attack Kevin Von Erich & a brawl ensues
Soloman Grundy vs. Jim Richardson
Michael Hayes vs. Buddy Roberts